Deliver best-in-class RTOS for connected resource-constrained devices, built to be secure and safe.

What Can Dojo Five and Zephyr Do for Your Project?



  • Developed with security in mind
  • Includes CNA with PSIRT

Open Source

  • Available through the Apache 2.0 open source license
  • Free to use in commercial and non-commercial solutions

Product Ready

  • Long term support (LTS) with security updates
  • Auditable code base developed with a goal of safety certifications


  • Supports Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi*, 802.15.4
  • Supports standards like 6LoWPAN, CoAP, IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, USB, CAN, and Thread

Recent Dojo Five / Zephyr projects

Zephyr on Nordic nRF9160 for a water molecule sensing system

Zephyr on ST Nucleo L476RG for a PLT system

Zephyr on Nordic nRF9160 for a personal wearable device

Zephyr on Nordic nRF9160 for a bicycle tracking system


Complete flexibility & freedom of choice

  • Open source & neutral governance
  • Supports multiple hardware architectures
  • Small footprint: scales from small Cortex-M devices to multi-core 64-bit CPUs

Connect embedded devices securely to any cloud

  • Multiple protocol options including BLE mesh and Thread
  • Supporting industrial, automotive, smart city and smart home
  • Cloud agnostic – Connect with transport layer security to any cloud

Develop products with safety built in

  • Long-term support
  • In-depth security development lifecycle
  • Functional safety certification coming soon

Take the Next Step with Dojo Five on Your Zephyr Project

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