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Embedded Software Development

Development across numerous popular technologies, applications, and industries

Embedded Systems
Architectural Design

Creating product and feature architecture that harmonizes the entire system, product roadmap, user experience, and business milestones and constraints

Additional Services

Schematics, layout, PCB design, penetration testing, security consulting, etc.

Dojo Five relies on over 335+ collective years of embedded system and software design experience to ensure you deliver the right firmware, every time. We build your competency through a dedicated team of veteran embedded engineers who are focused on your success.

We develop on all technologies, but we specialize in Nordic, ST (STM32), and Particle. These technologies are used in a wide variety of applications. We have developed for:

  • Industrial and Home Robotics
  • Precision Agricultural Technology
  • Class II and III Medical Devices, including implantables
  • Battery-powered wearables and asset tracking
  • Security systems and access control systems
  • High-volume consumer products, including two CES-launched devices


We also have performed culture and process improvement consulting for multiple firmware-enabled companies, including companies who are moving from no in-house firmware competency to relying on firmware to deliver value to their customers.

We will not settle for building sub-standard systems. We adhere to an agile process focused on rapid, repeatable, and reliable system development. We have in-house tooling that enhances our ability to detect security vulnerabilities and enhances traditional defect detection.   This allows us and our clients, including those in regulated spaces, to move quickly to create modern products and delivery value to customers on day one.

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