Meet Dojo Five at Sensors Converge 2024

Stop by our booth, say hi and check out some of the cool things we’re creating.

Unleash Innovation at Sensors Converge 2024 with Dojo Five!

Are you ready to experience the future of electronics and embedded systems? Join us at Sensors Converge 2024, the premier event for cutting-edge sensor technology and embedded solutions.

At Sensors Converge, you’ll find over 275 exhibitors showcasing the latest in sensors, chips, and cloud technologies. Dojo Five is thrilled to be part of this innovation extravaganza, and to show you what we’ve been working on.

Why Visit Us?

Explore Our Innovations

Discover how Dojo Five is revolutionizing embedded firmware development and testing, enabling companies to bring products to market faster, cheaper, and safer. Our comprehensive services and solutions are designed to solve embedded software development problems that no one else can.

Experience Live Demos

Experience our embedded solutions in action! Get hands-on with our newly released HIL test kit and see how our technology enhances product performance, reduces costs, and saves valuable time.

See how our Raspberry Pi Gateway connected to a Nordic PPK can be used as a cost effective CI automation engine that also tracks battery life.

Meet the Experts

Schedule time to chat with Dojo Five’s team of experts about how our embedded services and solutions can help you with your embedded challenges. Our partner, Arduino, will also be available to share best practices for moving from prototypes to production.

Stay Informed

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Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to embedded development. Visit Dojo Five at booth #608 and see how we can help you drive innovation and delivery.

See you at Sensors Converge 2024!

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