• Engineering culture and process consulting.
  • Embedded software consulting on security, process, tools, documentation, and best practices
  • Embedded software design, development, and testing including tools customized for embedded developer efficiency:
    • Micros/FPGA: Microchip/PIC, STM32, Nordic NRF52, Atmel XMEGA, NXP/Freescale i.MX, Xilinx Zynq/Virtex, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PowerPC, Ambiq Apollo2
    • Languages: C, C++, Ruby, Python, Go, Tcl/Tk, HTML5, Javascript, Typescript, JSX, C#​
    • Libraries/Providers: AWS, Azure, Firebase, React/Redux, Ionic, Cordova, Qt, WinCE, Linux, Embedded Linux, Buildroot, Angular, WindRiver Linux/Yocto, Docker
    • Peripherals: CAN/J1939, SPI, I2C, BLE, Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular (3G/LTE), USB
    • ​Testing: Unity, CppTest, GoogleTest, Robot Framework, Cucumber, Nose, Mocha, Protractor, CircleCI, TravisCI, CruiseControl, Jenkins, BrowserStack.

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