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Helping to successfully deliver embedded products

Why Partner with  Dojo Five?

Rarely does a single tool or solution fulfill the diverse needs of an embedded development team. Dojo Five partners with some of the best, brightest and most complimentary product and service providers in the embedded industry. We believe success is best when it's shared with others and are actively seeking to recruit, welcome, and support Partners who have innovative technologies that modernize embedded firmware development projects. Partnering with others ensures customers achieve success in their development efforts while delivering quality products and services.

An Ecosystem of Cross-industry Solutions

With over 335+ years of combined expertise, Dojo Five helps companies optimize their embedded development projects by bringing together tools, techniques, technology, and culture to deliver modern firmware for embedded systems. Dojo Five has the collective experience of a Team of specialists ready to provide the support our partners require to deliver modern embedded solutions. By working together, we can lean on each other's strengths to scale our businesses and offer more value to customers.

Interested in exploring a Partnership?

Ecosystem Partners

Dojo Five enjoys being a part of Nordic’s small group of official design partners. A large number of Dojo Five’s engineering team have vast experience with Nordic Semiconductor hardware and we enjoy working with Nordic hardware on new projects. Nordic has great development options available and continues to move the semiconductor industry forward.

Dojo Five has been associated with Microchip since we started over 4 years ago. Some of our earliest embedded projects used Microchip hardware and we have been able to count on Microchip to continue to provide quality semiconductors and hardware to us and their customers on an ongoing basis.

We love the Zephyr Project and we support the Linux Foundation. Dojo Five is all about modernizing the embedded community and Zephyr offers an open-source RTOS to help do so. Dojo Five uses Zephyr in conjunction with multiple project architectures and will continue to support the Zephyr Project as they help grow the embedded world.

IAR has been a leading vendor in the embedded tools space for almost 40 years and has partnered with industry-leading silicon and tools manufacturers to help their clients to success. Dojo Five regularly collaborates with IAR on joint communications to bring modern embedded ideas to the industry. Dojo Five is closely aligned with IAR's efforts to move our mutual clients' forward in the embedded industry.

Dojo Five is a big fan of the robust catalog of training and development courses offered by Embedded Artistry, and is a fellow solider in our mission to modernize embedded development.

Dojo Five and iSYSTEM both share a common significant interest in continuous integration and the benefits that CI platforms and tools have on a company. We both offer products that can work hand in hand to benefit our customers substantially.