Nordic Semiconductor

The market leader in Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, with a growing portfolio of wireless devices, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and low-power Wi-Fi.

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Nordic Semiconductor & Dojo Five

Dojo Five enjoys being a part of Nordic’s small group of official design partners. A large number of Dojo Five’s engineering team have vast experience with Nordic Semiconductor hardware and we enjoy working with Nordic hardware on new projects. Nordic has great development options available and continues to move the semiconductor industry forward.

While we develop on all technologies, Dojo Five specializes in Nordic. Nordic Design Partners can offer at least one of the following core design services in relation to Nordic technologies:

Hardware and RF Design

  • Hardware design and integration of Nordic hardware components into more complex electronic systems.
  • Includes simple RF and antenna design & integration (e.g. Bluetooth: PCB antenna, solderable antenna, uFL output; Cellular: solderable antenna, uFL output).

Embedded Software Development

  • Embedded software development on Nordic devices in conjunction with wireless connectivity protocols provided by Nordic as part of its SDK or third-party protocols which run fully or partially on Nordic SoC. 

Advanced RF & Antenna Design

  • Design services for complex RF and antenna solutions. E.g. Antenna Array design for AoA/AoD (Bluetooth 5.1), GPS antenna, advanced PCB antennas for cellular connectivity, etc. 

Security Design & Implementation

  • Design and implementation of security features to secure IoT applications. E.g. Root of Trust, encryption, signed DFU, encrypted DFU, keys/certificates management, secure provisioning/bonding,

Projects with Dojo Five

Nordic nRF9160: embedded firmware for a water molecule sensing system

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Nordic nRF9160: embedded firmware for a personal wearable device

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Nordic nRF9160: embedded firmware for a bicycle tracking system

bike track

Nordic nRF52832: embedded firmware for a hearing aid device

hearing aid image

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