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We are your trusted partner for modern embedded firmware design, development and consulting

Modern embedded development requires a new set of tools and techniques.

Most companies look to build tools in-house but never find the time. Your project ends up moving slowly, never realizing the full potential of your team. Reliability tools like simulation, security scans, and test automation are never addressed. Additionally, in-house platforms are often unanticipated maintenance burdens that are not in your core competency. You need a partner who can anticipate the full product lifecycle and bring a toolbox of modern practices on day 1.


Dojo Five provides firmware development services paired with the embedded-first automation, deployment, and monitoring platform you wish you could build if you had the time. We give you superpowers to accelerate your development, and effortlessly iterate your way towards successful projects and delighted customers.

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“I just wish we had time to do this right.”

Stop building from scratch and accelerate your efforts by engaging with Dojo Five. We’ve done this before. Open a conversation with us and we’ll determine the best approach – whether that be working side-by-side completing your firmware, standing up our automation and delivery platform, or some combination of the two. We even train and coach your team on modern development practices and best-practices we introduce to your workflow.

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Archived Events

Running up that HIL: A Guide to starting with HIL

July 12, 2022

Dojo Five engineers, Ander and Joe, are excited to discuss hardware-in-the-loop testing with our modern embedded community. This discussion will include background on typical HIL approaches, the tools and workflow teams generally use, and simple steps to get started with HIL inside of your organization without a big budget.