DevOps for Embedded Software teams

Streamline Your Embedded Builds



Our team helps you assemble your pipelines and get all of your tools into a standard environment which can be centrally managed and shared across your team.


Enjoy fully automated production build pipelines with best in class CI tools designed specifically for embedded development.


Streamline the build of your project without having to worry about different environments and mistakes being made. Take advantage of automated CI pipelines.

EmbedOps Supports Hardware in the Loop

What Can EmbedOps Do for Your Project?


Eliminate inconsistencies in your build environments


Speed up developer onboarding


Automate your production build pipelines


Centralize management of build environments


Archive build environments

Spend More Time Developing!

EmbedOps enables DevOps for embedded software teams by making it easy to integrate with popular continuous integration (CI) platforms to automate every step of your software development pipeline. Coupled with pre-built, containerized build environments via Docker, team members can onboard to a project quickly and build the automation pipeline's steps locally -- exactly as they are on the production server -- ensuring end-to-end consistency throughout your software build and release cycle.


Spend more time on development and less time on DevOps with EmbedOps from Dojo Five.

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