Embedded Development:

Something has to change!

Does this sound familiar?

We've heard it. We've been there. Embedded development doesn't have to be this hard.

"It's only a week before launch, and I feel like our only option here is to cut some corners! I just don't have a lot of faith in this release."

"We'll have to drop this feature from the project plan because we spent the last two weeks debugging and releasing features from the previous sprint."

"We're behind. I don't know what else to say. We're just behind."

"We don't have enough hardware yet for all of the developers to have their own device."

"It's a pretty manual operation, but we don't have a lot of time to set up CI and build automation."

"We have one person here trying to set up CI, but it's more of a side project than a real effort."

You've explored options with your team

We need a CI System: We don't have the time to set it up

We have a CI System: We don't have the time to maintain it

Our CI pipeline is complicated: We need specific expertise to maintain it

Can I implement best practices overnight?

No. But give us two weeks and you'll be experiencing insanely great builds.

EmbedOps is a DevOps orchestration platform


Quick setup of your environment and integration of your tools


Visibility and insights into project risks


Support and expertise with modern embedded workflows

How does it work?

The ROI of a Managed Build Environment

Let's take a look at the costs of an inefficient build environment

Direct costs

  • Hardware: Every developer needs local hardware, local server
  • IT administration: Set up and maintenance of environment, licenses, tools
  • Embedded developers: Set up, maintenance, troubleshooting the build system

Opportunity costs

  • Embedded developers: Less time working on firmware development when they're working on the build system

Risk-based costs

  • Testing: Infrequent or incomplete - additional time spent debugging/merging code, failure in the field, recall risk
  • Security:

Spend More Time Developing!

EmbedOps enables DevOps for embedded software teams by making it easy to integrate with popular continuous integration (CI) platforms to automate every step of your software development pipeline. Coupled with pre-built, containerized build environments via Docker, team members can onboard to a project quickly and build the automation pipeline's steps locally -- exactly as they are on the production server -- ensuring end-to-end consistency throughout your software build and release cycle.


Spend more time on development and less time on DevOps with EmbedOps from Dojo Five.

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