Modernize Your Embedded Development
EmbedOps Audit

Internal Interviews

Up to 5 hours of interviews to understand your requirements, goals, process and culture.

Code Review

Up to 3 hours to review one project, evaluating the high-level architecture and Git practices.

Written Report

Details on your current state and recommendations for improvement on compliance, testing, security and modern readiness.

Would you like to improve the reliability, consistency and repeatability of your builds?

Maintain Compliance

Improve Accuracy of Estimates

Identify Redundancies

Learn Best Practices

Identify Opportunities for Re-Use

Align Requirements to Development

Identify Security Risks

Communicate with Management

Are you ready to modernize your
Embedded Development?

EmbedOps - CI for Embedded

  • Automated firmware builds
  • Enhanced visibility into the development process
  • Integration of automation and security tools
EmbedOps Brochure