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Dojo Five EmbedOps with Hardware-in-the-Loop: A Full-Featured Build and Test Platform

Dojo Five EmbedOps with Hardware-in-the-Loop: A Full-Featured Build and Test Platform

EmbedOps is a platform that accelerates time to market while improving the reliability, quality, and consistency of your embedded software builds.

Say hello to accelerated time to market and say goodbye to release management headaches. EmbedOps ensures consistent build and test environments from code inception through testing to deployment.

Key Package Benefits

Eliminate Inefficiencies:
No more compatibility issues across environments.

Automated CI Integration:
Seamlessly integrate build and test automation.

Robust Hardware in the Loop Testing:
Ensure optimal software performance in real-world scenarios.


Best-in-class support package includes:

The EmbedOps Solution

EmbedOps consists of an embedded-focused platform and developer infrastructure that accelerate software development – build and test. EmbedOps bring industry best-practices from the web and mobile world to embedded software teams—allowing them to tackle the challenges of today’s complex software systems.

With our holistic approach, we empower your team to streamline development workflows and achieve optimal efficiency.

EmbedOps offers web and CLI tools for fast, managed build environments, predictable workflows, and clear firmware development lifecycle visualization. Integrated HIL testing enables system-level quality checks from day one, eliminating weeks of building and maintaining in-house solutions.

EmbedOps provides and maintains containerized environments for all of your build dependencies including compilers, testing frameworks, and code quality tools. These containers enable construction and reproduction of development environments quickly and reliably. EmbedOps integrates with your existing VCS provider and supports all major silicon vendors.

DojoFive’s experienced engineers are ready to support your team, whether it’s fixing a broken build pipeline, providing modern firmware development assistance, or offering training. We are passionate about advancing the industry with modern development practices.

EmbedOps Design Architecture

EmbedOps CLI
The CLI allows developers to interact with the build environment without learning Docker and CI systems, eliminating duplicated build system maintenance.

EmbedOps Web
Our reporting interface offers a comprehensive dashboard of software build information, including memory planning, flash usage over time, and unit and system-level test management.

EmbedOps Registry
We provide pre-built containers with popular tools for a complete firmware pipeline, including compilation, code quality, and testing environments – managed and maintained by us at no extra cost.

EmbedOps Design Principles

Don’t Reinvent:
EmbedOps integrates with existing tools, sparing your team the learning curve. Allow firmware engineers to focus on differentiating value-add activities.

Keep it Simple:
EmbedOps simplifies embedded development processes. The CLI makes working with containers easy, the HIL package streamlines test creation and execution, and the web interface integrates embedded tooling into your CI tool.

Support Customization:
EmbedOps ensures flexibility in tool selection, avoiding vendor lock-in, and allowing seamless adaptation to evolving development landscapes.

About Dojo Five

Dojo Five offers products and services aimed at revolutionizing the embedded firmware development industry.

Dojo Five seeks to modernize the firmware development and deployment experiences through innovations in the quality, efficiency, and security of modern embedded firmware.

With over 335+ years of combined expertise, Dojo Fives helps companies optimize their embedded software development systems by bringing together tools, techniques, technologies, and culture to deliver modern firmware for embedded systems.

Dojo Five’s EmbedOps Vision
Build and test are at the core of every modern DevOps Pipeline. Our vision is one in which we enable fully automated workflows across the entire embedded software development life cycle and supply chain.

I think they're very, very good at what they do. They know what they're doing—absolutely happy with them, and we'll be using them for years to come, I'm sure. We used to do everything manually, and now quite a bit of what can be automated is automated through EmbedOps®. And that's been great. We've worked with other consultants, and they do not have that level of response. These people are always there, they're always monitoring Slack, they're always jumping in to try to help us fix whatever issues come up.
– Brian S., Technical Fellow Embedded Systems Engineer
Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

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