EmbedOps: CI for Embedded

A suite of tools and services to improve the reliability, consistency and repeatability of your builds

EmbedOps Dashboard

Track Builds and Monitor Your FLASH/RAM Usage

Embedded Development Meets DevOps

Modernize your embedded development by using our online dashboard. We let you track builds, FLASH/RAM usage, and more - right in your browser.

All-in-one Embedded Development Solution

We Offer a Suite of Products and Services to Improve Your Embedded Operations


Use modern templates, tool configuration wizards, and Docker to get your project setup.


Take advantage of reusable libraries and compiler flag wizards for your development.


You can run continuous integration tests locally, and utilize unit testing frameworks.


Review your project milestones with tracking, map file analysis, and create warning alerts.


We offer release management, enabling you to archive releases and builds.

Health Check

Internal Interviews, Code Review, and Written Reports.

Continuous Integration

Build Your Application While You Sleep

Set up a Continuous Integration (CI) environment in minutes, and implement modern embedded development best practices with your code repository.

Get gui showing commit messages

EmbedOps Inquiry

EmbedOps - CI for Embedded

  • Automated firmware builds
  • Enhanced visibility into the development process
  • Integration of automation and security tools
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