Modernize Your Embedded Development
EmbedOps Health Check

Find and fix your biggests risks

We can conduct offsite interviews with key business and development leads to deliver an Embedded Development Health Check of your department within a few hours.

We'll cover 9 key categories to help you identify, understand, and manage your risk. 

Reduce Risk

Risk Assessment Categories

9 Key Categories for Improving Embedded Development Operations

Organization & Personnel

Are your people aligned with your organization's strategic plan?

Written Standards

Do you have standardized processes for employees to follow?

Training & Education

Is on-going training and improvement an expectation for employees?

Change Management

Do employees and customers know what to do when changes happen?

Technical Process

Do you have tools and standards that help you scale?

Quality Management

Do you have processes to track, investigate and resolve quality issues?

Security & Privacy

Do your processes ensure proper handling of sensitive data?


Do you have ongoing reporting capabilities to address gaps and deficiencies?


What practices and tools do you use throughout your development process?

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