EmbedOps: CI for Embedded

A suite of tools and services to improve the reliability, consistency and repeatability of your builds

Jumpstart your quality journey

We offer a suite of products and services to help you automate builds and implement unit testing

Managed Build Environment

Easy Set Up

We set up and maintain your build environment with tools that keep your entire team and automation processes in sync.

Our process and expertise in automated build environments will get you set up and building in no time. We do the scripting and leave you to focus on your code.

Unit Testing

Automated best-in-class testing framework set up, maintained and configured for your environment. We give you a single command to run all of your tests.


Our customers love our opinionated stack of modern tools and workflows. We've done the research, we've used the tools, and we're providing best-in-class solutions for modern embedded development.

Automated Builds

Persistent observability into the health of your code. We set up and maintain CI tools within your code repository.

You Do You

We provide best-in-class automation and testing processes for your development team without interruptions to your business.

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