Documenting System Architecture With AsciiDoctor

May 23, 2023

By: Steve Branam

As the adage says, a picture is worth a thousand words. Diagrams provide a high level of information abstraction. Somewhere between zero and too much is the sweet spot for the right amount of documentation for a system, balancing the needs of development, quality, cost, and effort.

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Medical Devices with Machine Learning?

May 16, 2023

This guest post is a collaboration with our friends at Edge Impulse. Edge Impulse shares D5’s passion and vision for modernizing embedded solutions by empowering developers to create and optimize products via embedded development and machine learning.

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10 Pillars of Modern Embedded. Pillar 2: Managed Environments

May 9, 2023

Utilizing a managed environment fosters collaboration and creates stability, reliability, consistency and success in our software development projects. It further allows us to effectively manage and maintain the software environments throughout the development life cycle.

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10 Pillars of Modern Embedded. Pillar 1: One Source

April 27, 2023

Ultimately, having unified control, effective versioning, and traceability of firmware artifacts is paramount in creating high-quality and reliable embedded products. With a single source in place, organizations can ensure their development processes are running optimally for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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EmbedOps: The Future of DevOps for Embedded Firmware

March 14, 2023

By: Tom Dever, VP of Product
In a rapidly evolving software development market, teams focused on embedded technologies are not benefiting from the same advancements as web and native platform developers. Dojo Five’s EmbedOps is addressing this issue by providing tools, integrations, and services that allow embedded teams to take full advantage of contemporary developer tools and advancements.

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Board to Tears – Supply Chain Woes Hit Embedded Teams Hard

March 18, 2022

Board to Tears – Supply Chain Woes Hit Embedded Teams Hard Featured Categories Our Engineers Security Embedded CI All Categories Recent Posts By: Conrad Magalis & Joe Schneider You’ve been…

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Be The Cppcheck Ruler

March 11, 2022

As a static analysis tool, Cppcheck has a set of default rules. However, when you are further into your development and realize that you need to create your own rules…

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Man using a macbook track pad

I’ve been using Markdown all this time??

December 31, 2020

Sometimes you need something lightweight for text files that doesn’t require all the fancy tools and formatting that is offered by other languages, such as HTML – but is still…

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Two guys in front of macbooks marking up a paper

Three Suggestions for Successful Code Reviews

December 22, 2020

We’ve all been a part of bad code reviews. Both as the developer and as the reviewer. If you haven’t, you’re extremely lucky! Code approved with zero comments seconds after…

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Get gui showing commit messages

Using a Git GUI Isn’t All Bad (And Sometimes Pretty Useful)

December 17, 2020

While not the popular opinion of CLI git users, I’ve gotten a ton of mileage from my git GUI. Using the CLI rather than a GUI provides a lot of…

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