In A NutSHELL: Uses in CI/CD and Docker

By Joe Schneider / June 29, 2020 /

What is shell? What is bash? Shell is a program for the user to interact with an operating system. The terminal window on Linux or macOS has the shell which…

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Why does embedded development use ancient practices and how do we safely modernize it?

By Joe Schneider / June 25, 2020 /

Web development tools can be integrated into embedded development to modernize your workflow. Mature web development tools can be integrated into an embedded development process to take advantage of features…

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Docker: An ideal development environment

By Joe Schneider / June 18, 2020 /

Docker is a revolutionary tool that provides speed and repeatability for you and your embedded team. While traditionally used in non-firmware environments, there is enormous potential to improve the development…

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How to manage WebHooks through Code

By Joe Schneider / June 17, 2020 /

While simple at first, webhooks can become a hassle if you have products that use a good number of them and you have to keep them up to date. Here…

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First Experiences with Python Virtual Environments

By Joe Schneider / June 15, 2020 /

Getting Going As a Python project quickly begins to develop, we found that using python’s virtual environments might be a useful feature to implement. Not as nature-y as it may…

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