Our Engineers: Zhi Xuen Lai

Happy, Friendly Robots


Zhi Xuen Lai is a Firmware Engineer with Dojo Five, and has been slinging code with us since May of 2019. Zhi has a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Zhi grew up Seremban, Malaysia, a beautiful mid-sized city about an hour South of Kuala Lumpur and not far from the coast of the Andaman Sea.


Zhi has long had an interest in robots. He got started learning embedded development to get into robotics. He would like to assure us that he has no interest in creating a robot army that will take over the world, but rather likes the efficiency that they present to problem solving.

He had a few embedded classes in college, and met some of the Dojo Five guys while working on a robotic arm for his senior year project. His first interview was over Chipotle, and he totally rocked the technical challenge.

He mainly works in C, but he likes Python quite a bit. He likes SEGGER tools and his “cool tool” of choice is the Saleae Logic Analyzer.


"Robotic arms are WAY cool."

He appreciates the diversity of projects that he encounters at Dojo Five. He’s learning new things everyday, and likes to leverage those skills across other client projects. He has enjoyed working on our EmbedOps Continuous Integration product.

His dream job would be to have an office from anywhere in the world to give him the freedom to travel while he works on building his robot army happy, friendly robots.

Zhi is a bold world traveler, having traveled all around Southeast Asia, and has done some traveling alone across the U.S. He enjoys the outdoors, and hikes, bikes, and kayaks his way through the summer, while skiing and snowboarding his way through the winter.

The Putra Mosque of Putrajaya, Malaysia