Our Engineers: Taylor Street

Zamboni Dreams

Taylor Street on Taylor St

Taylor Street is a Senior Firmware Engineer at Dojo Five and joined us in March of 2021. He works remotely from beautiful Carson City, Nevada.

Taylor's background is diverse, which helps him bring a unique perspective and skillset to the team.

He grew up in Westwood, California, a small town in the far northeast of the state. Westwood's claim to fame is that the modern-day mythos of a giant Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox "Babe" originated in Westwood. Not Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan - California of all places. While certainly anyone can make anything up on the Internet and put it on Wikipedia, this sounds reasonably plausible.

Taylor grew up in the Radio Shack generation, building things with kits and eventually graduating to PIC development boards. Electronics was still just a hobby and personal interest. He took a course in Assembly and did a lot of coursework in engineering, but ultimately graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Sociology. He taught high school math and physics for nearly a decade before going back to school for a degree in Electronics Engineering.

"Working with good people makes a big difference in the quality of life."

Taylor already worked his dream job early in life when he was a professional Zamboni driver for a few years, but embedded development might be a close second. He is drawn to embedded because of the impact it can make on the world - especially in the industrial space. His favorite projects typically lean on his ability to bring together a variety of disciplines, such as development platforms, BLE, app programming, and board design.

At Dojo Five, Taylor has been enjoying the challenges of learning new things. He appreciates the positive attitudes and working with good people.

Sharks Zamboni traverses the ice
This is totally what Taylor would look like driving a Zamboni

In his spare time - as expected - Taylor keeps busy learning new things. He has been doing a lot of 3D printing projects and is learning the violin. He plays the guitar and likes reading a lot of history and politics. He really hopes to get back to traveling when the world opens up again.

Taylor Street on a bridge while traveling