Our Engineers: Shaun Shippey

Meet Shaun


Shaun is a Senior Firmware Engineer at Dojo Five, and joined the company in February of 2021.

Shaun grew up in Arizona, and with a dad as an engineer, he got into electronics at a young age. He got hooked on embedded when he first worked with Assembly and got an LED to blink. He likes to consider himself industry or application agnostic and really enjoys just getting deep down into the details of a project to understand the whole system.

He has a passion around Bare Metal and RTOS, and has a keen interest in wireless development. His favorite things about working at Dojo Five are the freedom and flexibility.

His prior work experience includes Microchip Technology and Raytheon Missile Systems (now Raytheon Technologies). In his spare time, Shaun enjoys studying, playing the guitar and hanging out with his cat, Big Boy.

Shaun currently resides in Tucson, Arizona and works remotely for the team.