Our Engineers: Peter Gabrail

Software that can dim your lights or zap your heart

Pete is an embedded software developer who joined Dojo Five in November 2019. In his 30+ years of software development, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from consumer electronics found in big box stores to cardiac stimulators. He has worked on many projects for companies that are household names, like Xerox, Microsoft, Sony, Siemens, etc. He's a big picture sort of guy that enjoys working on lower level firmware. Frequently getting puzzles as birthday and Christmas presents, he loves to take on difficult challenges and figure out reasonable solutions.

Growing up, Pete was a handyman for the family business and has lots of experience in hands-on skills like carpentry, drywalling, plastering, plumbing, electrical, etc. Combined with a strong mechanical inclination, this has evolved into a big interest in metalworking, machining, welding, etc. As a gear head at heart, this all comes in handy working on and restoring, vehicles and the occasional electromechanical contraption.

Working inside the tail of his airplane.


Outside of work, he's often doing something aviation-related: taking a flight, flying an airplane, working on airplanes, attending aviation seminars or just reading about the industry. And when time permits, he can be found taking a class to learn a new skill or foreign language.

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