Our Engineers: Patrick Little

A Brewer and a Patriot

Patrick Little headshot

Patrick Little is a Senior Firmware Engineer at Dojo Five and joined us in March of 2021. 

Patrick always thought he was going to be “a programmer” growing up. With a number of people in his extended family in the engineering field, he always found the conversations fascinating when they talked about what they did.

While growing up in Woodbury, Minnesota, Patrick took some programming-type electives in high school. His proficiency in coding was very likely closely connected with his high school job opening up the local Starbucks at 6am and slamming double espressos to start his day.

Patrick earned dual Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota and took an interest in programming microcontrollers. The labs just seemed more fun because you could interact with a physical device and see the product that you’re working on.

Over the first decade of Patrick’s career, he drilled down on embedded development and was drawn to opportunities for his development expertise to make a difference in the real world.  While at Nonin Medical, Patrick saw some of the pulse oximeters he worked on scaling Mt. Everest and monitoring the trapped Chilean miners. His team received a military commendation from the Air Force for their work on the F-22 Life Support System Task Force.  He would tell you more about it, but then he would have to kill you.

Embedded Device with screen displaying Dojo Five's logo being held by Patrick Little

While he has been a C programmer since he was in diapers, he has touched on a lot of different technologies throughout his career and likes to use tools, tips, and tricks to his advantage.

"Why are you doing it the hard way?"

His ideal job is working with a good team that are all in it together and eager to help. He really appreciates the effort that Dojo Five has put into developing relationships with customers, and values that type of collaborative work.

Patrick is very involved in youth soccer as a referee and mentor, enjoys being outdoors, and is looking forward to working on his Disc Golf handicap this summer.

He likes to homebrew beer, and can drop some mad science about how to recover from a bad beer brew.

Patrick Little's grape vines