Our Engineers: Kane Iverson

Flying High

Kane Iverson hiking

Kane Iverson is a senior firmware engineer at Dojo Five, and he’s been our ace systems engineer since August, 2020.

Kane resides in Portland, Oregon, because he feels he’s earned the right to enjoy temperate weather all year round after surviving 30 years of North Dakota winters.

Kane grew up in New Town, North Dakota, a beautiful rural city nestled into nature and surrounded by water. New Town, and its boring-yet-accurate name, was established in the early 1950’s to transplant local communities from a floodplain while the Missouri River was dammed to create Lake Sakakawea.

Kane admitted that he broke more stuff than he fixed while working at his Uncle’s TV repair shop in high school, but that piqued his interest in electronics and coding. He loved tearing things apart to figure out how they worked. He got involved in robotics in high school and appreciated seeing the variety of different solutions his peers presented to solve the same problem.

His interest in engineering and math led him to a BS in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University, and he credits a professor for helping him appreciate and enjoy coding.

He spent his early career at Weather Modification, Inc., which is yet another example of North Dakotan’s no-nonsense approach to naming things with obvious descriptors. While at Weather Modification, Kane got a bug for flying, as he got to enjoy test flights for some of the weather monitoring electronics he developed.

Kane’s ideal job would involve working on exciting projects that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives - with awesome people.  He has a deep appreciation for the opportunities he’s had in his career to work on tech that can really save a life, such as early-warning systems for weather events or cardiovascular technologies. A career highlight for Kane is his contribution to the Stratus Portable Receivers for aircraft. It’s a popular product that is held in high regard by pilots because it helps them avoid storms and land safely.

"I love working on projects that make an impact on people’s lives."

Kane feels at home working with C, C++, and Python, and likes projects that have a visual component to them. He has dabbled in app design and development and that just might be a guilty pleasure of his.

His favorite thing about Dojo Five is the wide range of projects that he has had the opportunity to work on, and enjoys working with a group of individuals that are also passionate about embedded development.

In the future, Kane will continue to keep his finger on the pulse of modern embedded development as the complexity of firmware moves forward. He’s keeping an eye on new things in BLE and mesh networks.

In the analog world, Kane is a serious foosball player, having traveled to tournaments across the U.S. He loves hiking, and usually brings his best friend Louie with him along for the company. He also takes his fishing very seriously, and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend on her ridiculous championship bass fishing boat.

Kane catching fish
Kane foosball tournament
Kane nature hiking