Our Engineers: Cole Spear

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Meet Cole

Cole Spear is an Embedded Software Engineer at Dojo Five. He started with us full time in January 2020, having just graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from North Dakota State University. Before that, he worked as an intern with Dojo Five on the ground floor of the earlier years for the company.


Cole has worked on several different firmware/embedded projects since joining Dojo Five, quickly gaining experience with BLE, RFID, simulators, IoT security, customer relations, and overall engineering practices. Recently, he's been part of the EmbedOps team, which is striving to bring the ease and automation of continuous integration to the embedded world. Working on EmbedOps, he's gained valuable experience with everything DevOps, from Docker to AWS.

He is motivated by the opportunity Dojo Five has given him to develop his skills and interests in a variety of related fields. Some of these opportunities include other work that may not typically be asked of an engineer, which gives him a new perspective and skillset. Cole brings a fresh look into embedded development and soaks up information as quickly as possible. He loves to learn about new technologies and have his skills and knowledge tested with interesting challenges.


Within the embedded field, Cole really enjoys learning more about smart devices and AI technologies, having a bit of experience with side projects in both. He likes the thought of bringing connectivity to even the most ridiculous of items throughout his household, whether it be through BLE or his Google Home. Most recently, he's been developing a thermometer that reads the temperature of brewing beer and sends alerts.

Outside of work and computer engineering, Cole enjoys hobbies such as brewing beer, golfing, playing board games, and playing music.