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Ander Lives in the Future

Ander Galisteo

Dr. Ander Galisteo started at Dojo Five as our resident security expert and Senior Firmware Engineer in May of 2021. While he probably can’t actually see into the future, he resides in Andoain, Spain and is 7 time zones ahead of our St. Paul office, so he gets a good jump on the day. He also was recently selected as a winner of the Nova 111 Talent award as a young professional working to redefine the future of Spain.

Ander grew up in San Sebastian, a small town in Northern Spain that is well known for its beauty, the surf, and the cuisine. While an undergraduate at Universidad de Navarra studying Telecommunications Systems Engineering, Ander had the opportunity to study abroad in an exchange program with Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. He has continued his education both in Spain and abroad, with Master’s degrees in Engineering from Universidad de Navarra and the University of Houston. He received his Ph.D. from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and is currently studying for his MBA at the Quantic School of Business and Technology.

ander presenting at STEMadrid
Ander presenting at the STEMadrid Science Corner

Ander fell in love with embedded systems in college because of the ability to go very deep into the system and to control absolutely everything on a device, and the ability to affect things in the real world - most embedded developers can agree that making their first LED blink is very cool. And the coolest project Anders has worked on takes blinking LED’s to another level. OpenVLC is an open source platform that enables the transmission of data using regular LEDs. It operates on a protocol using a sequence that humans can’t see, but electronic devices can interpret. 

C is Ander’s language of choice for the majority of his projects but often turns to Python when he needs to script something quickly. He’s gotten into Matlab in the past, especially for heavy processing.

He has a passion for cybersecurity projects for embedded systems because each project is unique and there’s always something new to learn. Products may be secure today, but you have to plan for unknown future threats as well. His ideal job involves a mix of embedded development and market development - working with developers and clients to create value in the real world with products and solutions.

"I love what I'm doing! If not, I wouldn't be doing it."

He was originally drawn to Dojo Five because of his interest in streamlining and modernizing testing and has enjoyed his time at Dojo Five so far because of the diversity of interesting projects.

When he’s not working or continuing his formal education, Ander loves watching TV series and movies, and immersing himself in music. He plays the guitar and is learning to play the drums. He also would like to hear other’s ideas on emerging breakthrough technologies and new and exciting problems! Feel free to reach out at [email protected] or hit him up at https://andergalisteo.com/.

Ander in the Mountains
HIL Raspberry Pi

Hardware-in-the-loop is hard! Sometimes.

June 22, 2022

By: Ander Galisteo, Ph.D.
The concept of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) is not new in the embedded space. The basic idea is to automate the functional tests of your device under development to verify if your implementation does what it’s supposed to do.

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