IAR: Now on Linux!

We have worked with several clients to build medical devices. And for that class of embedded system, our clients’ go-to compiler is IAR. Until now, the IAR compiler only ran on Windows. Until now.

The fine people at IAR Systems have recently announced that they have released build tools to run on Linux. And they did so specifically with CI/CD in mind. For now, it only targets Arm chips and the Renesas RH850, but even so, this is a big development from a longtime Windows-only shop!

We tuned into their webinar discussing the release last week and are ready to dig in and try it out for ourselves. To find out more for yourself, visit IAR Systems’ info page.

And if you have questions about an embedded project you’re working on, Dojo Five can help you with not only IAR but all aspects of your devops for embedded journey! We are always happy to hear about cool projects or interesting problems to solve, so don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with us on LinkedIn or through email!

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