Creating interactive experiences for kids while teaching them about energy use through museum exhibits

A little ray of sunshine. Adam Wolf is an exceptional embedded engineer in his own right, but he also gives back to the community and promotes learning – strong values that Dojo Five also shares.

In his recent podcast episode, he talks about brightening kids’ days while teaching them about harnessing energy from the sun and other sources through his embedded work in museum exhibits (

“My favorite exhibit was “Powering the City”. Kids had to meet energy demands in a fake city. There was a sun that moved throughout the day, a thermometer, a fan that blew to show you how windy it was… and a power demand curve throughout the day e.g. a spike in the morning when people wake up and start using lights, hair dryers, and toasters. They matched demand with sources such as a hydroelectric dam, a wind farm, and a coal plant that kids could control. If you didn’t meet the demand, the lights in the houses would go on the fritz and stuff. Everything’s moving, there’s wind blowing in your face, all these dials and switches… it was awesome!” – Adam Wolf

More often than not, it’s not about the technology itself, but how we use technology to create experiences for people. Thank you for your leadership at Dojo Five, and keep lighting up the world Adam!

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