Troubleshooting: Some common, but often unchecked, assumptions to investigate

January 26, 2023

By: Bailey Steinfadt
Are you tearing your hair out trying to find the root cause of a bug? Have you been troubleshooting the same problem for days and feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Minimize your IDE, put the keyboard down, and ask yourself a simple, but hard question…What do you know for sure is true, and what are you merely assuming is true?

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Finding Time for Rust: 7 Simple Steps to Learn Rust

November 21, 2022

By: Nwanua Eluweze

Rust appears to be gaining steam as a solid language to solve complex and challenging problems in embedded systems. Here are a few tips that may help you learn Rust.

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Using The Nordic nRF Sniffer For BLE

September 6, 2022

By: Steve Branam

The Nordic Semiconductor nRF Sniffer for BLE is a great low-cost tool for working with BLE. Once you set it up, capturing and analyzing BLE traffic is easy.

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Séan Alling

Our Engineers: Seán Alling

August 31, 2022

Seán Alling is a Staff Firmware Engineer at Dojo Five, and joined the company in May of 2022 working remotely from Davis, CA. Seán was born and raised in the area, growing up in Sacramento before attending college and living in Davis, a community situated on the edge of Yolo County…

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Jenkins CI

Setting up Jenkins for Embedded the right way (or not at all)

August 1, 2022

By: Brandon Leiran
Embracing continuous integration (CI) practices and tools makes embedded development smoother. Jenkins isn’t always the best choice for Embedded CI, but if you follow the 3 CI principles laid out in this article, you’ll start off well!

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Our Engineers: Jeff Cooper

March 16, 2022

Jeff is a native Minnesotan and a natural tinkerer and techie. Jeff joined the Dojo Five team July, 2019 and loves the variety of projects and clients – as well as the opportunity to work for a growing business and a collaborative team.

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What does a modern pipeline look like for embedded?

January 14, 2022

What does a modern pipeline look like for embedded? Featured Categories Our Engineers Security Embedded CI All Categories Recent Posts By: Aaron Fontaine Having a modern pipeline helps automate the…

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Dojo Five logo inside craft box

Our Engineers: Ander Galisteo

June 30, 2021

Dr. Ander Galisteo started at Dojo Five as our resident security expert and Senior Firmware Engineer in May of 2021. While he probably can’t actually see into the future, he resides in Andoain, Spain…

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Dojo Five logo inside craft box

Our Engineers: Taylor Street

April 28, 2021

Taylor Street is a Senior Firmware Engineer at Dojo Five and joined us in March of 2021. He works remotely from beautiful Carson City, Nevada. Taylor’s background is diverse, which helps him bring a unique…

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ST Microelectronics-NUCLEO image

Plant Moisture Monitoring with an STM32 Nucleo

March 23, 2021

Zhi Xuen Lai of Dojo Five walks you through his plant moisture monitoring project, which uses an STM32 Nucleo board and includes mobile notifications.

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